Heidi Schulz

Debut MG author Heidi Schulz talks reimagining Neverland for HOOK’S REVENGE, the pros and cons of chicken husbandry, and the only bad way to draft a novel.

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Heidi Schulz Show Notes!

Australorp breed of chickens

J.M. Barrie, author of PETER PAN and PETER PAN AND WENDY

Peter Pan (2003 film)

Brooks Sherman, Heidi’s agent

John Hendrix, illustrator for HOOK’S REVENGE

Heidi’s drawing of a sad robot being launched into space 

Claire Legrand, MG author

Emma Trevayne, MG author

KidLit authors Beverly ClearyDiana Wynne Jones, and Judy Blume

Authors of creeptastic things, Stephen King and V. C. Andrews