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BookCon: The Power of World-Building (Renée Ahdieh, Sabaa Tahir, Scott Westerfeld, Leigh Bardugo, and Marie Lu)

BookCon Panel: The Power of World-Building

June 2, 2018

12:45 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.

I am moderating this panel, discussing what makes a world complete? It’s not easy to write with such little foundation. But authors Renée Ahdieh (listen to her First Draft interview here), Sabaa Tahir (listen to her First Draft interview here), Scott WesterfeldLeigh Bardugo (listen to her First Draft interviews here and here) and Marie Lu (listen to her First Draft interviews here and here)  explore the depths of a world never seen before with every new best-selling book! Join us as these fabulous authors discuss the fantastical worlds they’ve created, the trials and tribulations of characters and cultures plotted in these multi-dimensional story arcs and keeping readers glued page after page, book after book.