Announcing: The First Draft Listener Club

First Draft with Sarah Enni is approaching its five year anniversary, and 200th episode!

Reaching this milestone has me thinking about better ways to engage with listeners like you, who have gotten the show where it is today. That's why I'm excited to announce the First Draft Listener Club, an upcoming premium membership community!

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Members Will Get…

  • Awesome audio extras like longer, unabridged episodes of the First Draft Podcast

  • Exclusive monthly newsletters where I'll break down what I've learned about writing, life, and podcasting from five years on the grind

  • Insider info and influence

    • Hear about upcoming guests!

    • Suggest questions for them!

    • Tell me what we should be talking about more on the show!

...and become part of an interactive member community, to connect with me (host Sarah Enni), as well as with each other. (Hence the “club”!)

Your membership fee brings you a whole new level of inspiring content, and access to like-minded people who will totally get the fact that you listen to podcasts while perfecting the choreography from BTS' Saturday Night Live performance.

Why A Premium Club?

I am obsessively in love with First Draft, and that has fueled my drive to put deeply meaningful conversations with storytellers into the world, for free, for the last five years.

But obsessive love so rarely pays the bills, and the costs of equipment, production, web services--not to mention time and energy--have added up. Creating a membership program will not only help keep the lights on, but ensure that First Draft can continue to grow and evolve.


Let me know you’re interested in being part of the First Draft Listener Club! Sign up for the special announcement newsletter, and help shape the community to come!

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