the short story is...

In July 2014, I took a huge road trip across the U.S. to visit young adult and middle grade writers where they live, work, and play. The road trip may be over (I’ve settled in Los Angeles), but the interviews, and the podcast, continue. The people writing for this age group are some of the most creative, generous, and thoughtful people I know. We discuss how writers operate, what and where inspires them, and gather nuggets of advice for writers - both those just starting out and those well along the publishing path.

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the longer story is...

In the summer of 2014 my marriage was falling apart, and I'd just had my book get oh-so-close to selling, but no cigar. I was re-writing a project that was going nowhere, and listening to hours upon hours of podcasts to feel sane. I was sorely in need of inspiration.

While taking a road trip from Washington, D.C. to Seattle to move in with my mother, I decided to reach out to every young adult and middle grade author I'd ever had a positive interaction with, to see if they'd be down to meet up and be interviewed. The response was incredible. Armed with a Zoom H2N mic, a laptop with GarageBand, and nothing to lose, I set out on the road.

From Vermont to Little Rock, Asheville to San Diego, the writers I met shared such incredible wisdom and advice. As I moved from Seattle to Los Angeles and went on to write more (and better) books, the podcast grew and evolved. I hope it offers insight, inspiration, and handy tips to aspiring writers and those of us trying to make a living writing books for kids and teens.

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