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Sarah Enni is an author, podcaster, and journalist living in Los Angeles. Her debut young adult novel, Tell Me Everything was released by Scholastic in February 2019. You can read her short story in the New York Times best-selling villain anthology, Because You Love To Hate Me, out now.

She created and hosts the First Draft podcast, where she talks shop with other KidLit authors.

In her non-laptop life she likes enchiladas, hiking, flea market shopping, and her cat, Hammer.


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... and the long bio

Sarah Enni writes young adult books, and is the creator and host of the First Draft podcast. She was born in Seattle, and has lived all over the continental U.S., eventually landing in Los Angeles, where she lives now with her cat, Hammer.

Her first job out of college was reporting on radioactive waste for a trade publication. Small wonder, then, that she chose to write more lighthearted fiction on the side. Her first novel, Tell Me Everything, was published by Scholastic in February 2019.

The First Draft podcast came along because she was tired of listening to endless interviews with comedians (though she still loves listening to those), and figured her friends were just as interesting. Armed with a mic and a destination, Sarah hit the road on an epic, 6,600-mile cross-country road trip in 2014, gathering more than 60 interviews. She eventually arrived in Los Angeles but decided the project was far from done. The podcast now has more than 200 episodes, and has been downloaded more than 500,000 times. And she hopes it's just the beginning.

Photo credit: Veronica Roth

Photo credit: Veronica Roth

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